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Hi, my name is Robert. I am a chef with Market Lane Ltd. I began working with the company after I finished a degree in chemical science. From a young age I always had a keen interest in food and treated it like a hobby from my final years in secondary school through to my time in university. At this time I had been working in Fast Food and had experienced a taste of what service in a real restaurant was like, and I wanted more.

Months after I finished college I started looking for a kitchen porter jobs in Cork city. It wasn't long until I stumbled across Market Lane. After an interview and chat with the sous chef I knew it was an excellent and expansive company to work for with a huge opportunity for someone like me, someone who was a long time in hospitality but had never worked in a professional kitchen with high standards. I started that week as a kitchen porter with some preparation work. I loved the hustle and bustle of the prep kitchen and it was not long until I began to work in the service kitchen as well. Within the first year I had built my knife skills, knowledge of food, technique and confidence hugely. I began to work with a large dedicated and diverse team of different skill levels and backgrounds. Market Lane offers working both prep and service. This was a huge bonus for me as you have the opportunity to become a more well rounded chef and learn from your colleagues.

I am in my third year working for Market Lane now and have helped in all 5 of their restaurants in Cork. From each of these restaurants I have learned something and developed useful professional connections. I am a more independent and confident cook now compared to when I first started and have turned my hobby into a profession with the help of Market Lane Ltd.

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